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Darling Easy Knit Toddler Sweater Free Knitting Pattern

There are a lot of toddlers knitting patterns, this darling easy knit toddler sweater free knitting pattern is an awesome pattern to start making. Create a unique knitted sweater for toddlers. A good way to send some love to a newborn baby.

Darling Easy Knit Toddler Sweater Free Knitting Pattern

Finished Chest Measurement

Gauge: In Stockinet Stitch : 18 sts. and 25.2 rows/ 4″

Cast on 42 sts.
Rows 1 – 8: Knit

Body: (Work 2)
Beginning with a purl row, increase to 47.
Work in Stockinet Stitch (Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row) for 36 rows. (end by working a purl row)

Row 1: Cast on 20 sts. for sleeve, knit across: 67 sts.
Row 2: Cast on 20 sts for second sleeve, purl across: 87 sts.
Work 26 rows in Stockinet stitch, slipping 1st st. as if to knit, ending by working a purl row.
Bind off all sts. loosely in knit.

Sew shoulder seams leaving a 6 1/2 ” neck opening.

With right sides together, sew sleeve and sides in one continuous seam.
Enjoy and wear in the best of health!