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Free Knitting Pattern Diamond Blanket Wrap

This free knitting pattern Diamond Blanket Wrap is perfect for those cool summer evenings or a stylish layer for spring days, combining both functionality and elegance in its design.

Yarn Type: This elegant Diamond Blanket Wrap is crafted using a blend of cotton and merino yarn, making it ideal for spring and summer projects due to its breathability and softness.

Shape: The wrap is designed with a rectangular shape, providing ample coverage and a classic drape. It is knit flat in rows from the bottom up, allowing for straightforward construction.

Stitch Pattern: The wrap features a visually striking lace pattern at its center, consisting of large diamonds and delicate lace stripes, which adds a touch of sophistication and intricate detail. The borders of the wrap are created with a garter stitch, providing a neat and sturdy finish.

Skill Level: This pattern is suitable for knitters who are comfortable with lace knitting and reading more complex patterns. The use of circular needles to accommodate the number of stitches and the detailed lace work involved places this pattern at an intermediate skill level

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