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Learning to Knit

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Learning to Knit

Learning to Knit

Despite knitting having been a hobby for a lot of women in the past centuries, learning to knit was also a survival skill for some countries where the climate is cold and there weren’t factories making warm clothes. Knitting is not an easy thing to do or even learn. For lot of people nowadays is also an extra income by selling knitting crafts. Learning how to knit will be a big satisfaction from working on complicated stitches and finishing hard-to-make patterns.

Knitting can also be a relaxing hobby to do for hours and hours! Using just two needles and a ball of yarn you can be super creative and create unique handmade stuff like knitted sweaters, hats for cold weather and super long scarfs to protect your neck in the winter! Knitting every day will make you relax and feel your fingers become nimble as you make these difficult stitches.

An important thing to have in mind is that you need to practice every day by learning new stitches, reading guides online, and watching videos from others experienced knitters. So far, the knit stitch is the base of all knitting stitches so first you need to get a good grip, and secondly move up to more complicated knitting stitches.

There are a lot of knitting guides here to start reading and get a good idea of how to start your knitting adventures and what you need to have in mind when choosing an easy knitting pattern or a hard knitting pattern.

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